Facebook Photos on your Desktop

How to use


Keep track of all breaking headlines as they happen, listed by the minute, hour and day.

Step 1: Go to settings and select your favourite team or teams from the list,

Step 2: Click “Add” and the Football News App will automatically check all relevant sites and feeds for the latest news and display them on your desktop.

If you want to follow a player or even a tournament simply enter these details into the keyword box and every story will be brought immediately to your desktop. For example: Wayne Rooney or Rooney will search for all stories linked to him - world cup 2014 or Brazil 2014 will bring you all the breaking news on this event.


Use your Facebook images on your desktop.

Step 1: Launch Facebook App, 

Step 2: Sign into Facebook (our app will then search for your photo albums and import)

Step 3:  Select which albums to display and then sit back and watch your facebook albums come alive on your desktop.


Have the current info about the weather on your desktop.

Step 1: Launch Weather App,

Step 2: Go to Settings,

Step 3: Type your location and choose measurement for temperature, click save.